Analysis and recommendations

Science without conscience is but ruin of the soul.

- Rabelais - 

Inspection and then?

An inspection report without analysis is nearly useless. How measurements were taken: measurement directly on the surface without preparation or measurement of the useful minimum by whitening the surface and looking for the lowest value. The difference is limited on a new or slightly corroded surface but can be significant on a corroded surface. US measurement is a local reading, a measurement a few centimetres, even millimetres, from that point can be quite different: how to interpretate such information ?

The analysis should assess the risks on reliability and level of emergency to implement a repair. Solution depends on multiple criteria such as the expected durability, the time available, the budget... These criteria are often antagonistic: a cheap long-term reliable solution does not exist, so what are the optimum technical and economic solutions and how to adapt the inspection protocol and the preventive maintenance strategy.

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